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Waiting for Enzo

I am lucky to be able to say that I have had the fortune of seeing some of my best friends grow, fall in love, get married, and have their babies. My friendship with Ana has been exactly this way. I've seen her fall in and out of love many times, until she found her rock and forever best friend - Colin. To spare you all the cheesy details I would like to fast forward to January, when I was lucky enough to get out of this nasty cold weather and visit them in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a few days. As you all already know, I refuse to go anywhere without my camera so we made sure to make very good use of it, I mean... how could we not?! Pregnant mommy, handsome dad, and gorgeous Mexican beaches make up for a dreamy pregnancy shoot.

Enzo is now a month old, and seriously the most handsome newborn I have ever ever seen.

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