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Isla Luna

I got the text asking me to come to Brenda's at about 10am (thank you, Jesus, I had been praying for a daytime birth as I am pregnant myself - aka really exhausted past 6pm). I was sipping on coffee and editing at the time so I ran upstairs, changed into comfy clothes to shoot in, and hit the road ASAP. Made it to her place at around 11:05am and walked in to find her having pretty intense contractions and laboring in the birthing pool already. Wasted no time as things were picking up quickly, and was able to capture a few labor shots - Luna was born at 11:44 on 02/05/2019! Talk about a FAST labor!! This incredibly strong mama birthed her baby girl unassisted, with her sweet husband, children & mommy by her side, as well as all of her birth team right there to support her as needed. Welcome to the world, baby Luna!

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