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Benjamin's Birth Story

I usually like to let my work do most of the talking, as I don't consider myself especially talented when it comes to writing... However, this time around, Benjamin's mama happens to be an incredible story-teller, so here is his birth through her eyes, and through my lens:

"Darkness, yet points of light. A longing for fulfillment. Blissed romance, with utter awareness of the depths of grief love opens a heart to feel. Slow dancing, soft swaying, hands on hair, brown eyes meeting.

Six babies have already been born in this room, another six born elsewhere. Then this baby, this boy, this double rainbow after catastrophic loss, this tiebreaker, this surprise, this miracle, was pressed gently into the darkness pierced by twinkle lights, in the caul, wrapped in his cord, to smiles and wonder and joy twirled with loss.

Siblings crowded near, champagne toasted, laughter sounded. And a small, dark-haired son curled under his mother’s chin, his father an awestruck presence, midwives tender and near.

Welcome to creation, Benjamin Leonidas, blessed thirteenth."

-Tabitha Kaza

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