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Hi there! I love that you're here. Here's a bit about myself:

I'm the oldest of 3 - raised in Cancun, Mexico, but I've been in the US since 2010 when I came here for college. I moved here to be closer to my husband, Billy, in 2016 (he was my boyfriend back then) after having graduated from college in OH. I studied psychology to continue pursuing the marine mammal behavior career that I started when I was 13. Life brought me to VA, away from dolphins and the ocean, but certainly close to different, and better opportunities :) Billy and I live in Manassas and we are now parents to the 2 chunkiest babies!


I grew up with a passion for photography that I never really explored until I was done with college. After about two years post graduation, I decided to quit my full time job and go for it! I started my own photography business.

I have realized that my preference in documenting births and families is rooted in my strong love and appreciation for the beauty of life & family, especially after having had given birth myself! My photography inclination is a raw & natural style, focused primarily on capturing candid moments that reflect deep emotions.

I'm crazy about traveling, learning about new cultures,  a strong cup of coffee in the mornings, mommy playdates, beach trips, scuba diving, time spent with my family & friends, and of course -FOOD!


Get in touch with me!

Thanks! I will be in touch with you ASAP

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